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5th May 19 - Book Review - The Falklands War - There and Back Again.
21st March 19 - Book Review - Joys of War by John-Paul Jordan.
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:: The Poppy Appeal 2013 Winter Raffle ::

:: The Poppy Appeal 2013 Winter Raffle ::

Welcome to the best Winter Raffle ever!

Car, holiday, cash... there are so many amazing prizes to win!

How would you like to get behind the wheel of a sporty Mazda MX-5 SE? Or would you prefer a cash windfall of £20,000 to spend as you please? The choice could soon be yours if you're the lucky first prize winner.

What's more, the second prize is a trip to Australia or £5,000 cash, third prize is a home cinema system or £1,000 cash and fourth prize is an iPad or £500.

50 runner-up prizes of Debenhams vouchers worth £25 each, so join in right away and don't miss out on all these chances to win!

Poppy Raffle

Remember, not only do you have a chance of winning one of these great prizes, but every £1 ticket you buy will help serving and ex-Service men and women and their families. Not just those who fought in the Second World War, but also those involved in the many conflicts since 1945 and those still fighting today.

The raffle closes on 24 December and the draw will take place on 17 January 2014.

Your support will help The Poppy Appeal to achieve so much. Thank you and Good Luck in the Draw!

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