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:: Royal British Legion Resettlement Website ::

:: Royal British Legion Resettlement Website ::

The Royal British Legion

TV Entrepreneurs Give Backing to Royal Beitish Legion Resettlement Website.

Stars of Dragons’ Den and The Apprentice have voiced their support to a Royal British Legion website specialising in helping members of the Armed Forces readjust to life on Civvy Street. Dragons’ Den Duncan Bannatyne and Lord Sugar’s new right hand woman on the Apprentice, Karren Brady, have appeared in a new online video promoting resettlement website

Civvy Street is a website for serving and ex-Service personnel and their families. It helps with a range of issues around resettlement including re-training, employment opportunities and also help around CV building and interview tips. As well as this practical help in the twelve months from 01 October 2008 Civvy Street had awarded over £600,000 in training and employment grants.

Ken Parkinson, Civvy Street Manager said 'At a time where the resettlement of Service leavers is a key issue, it is great that high profile figures such as Duncan Bannatyne and Karren Brady have helped to highlight the services that Civvy Street can offer.'

Leigh Groombridge, who served with his TA regiment in Afghanistan, is just one of the many who has benefitted from Civvy Street’s help. He commented 'After returning from Afghanistan I was having real problems finding work, I came across Civvy Street online and with their help I've retrained as an IT engineer and am doing a job love'. also works in close collaboration with Poppy Scotland, providing resettlement support and training grants for ex-Servicemen and women throughout Scotland.  |  |

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