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:: ABF Ceremonial Furniture Up For Auction ::

ABF - The Soldier's Charity - Ceremonial Furniture Up For Auction

ABF The Soldier's Charity

Support our troops and bag yourself a unique military-inspired piece of living room furniture, designed especially for ABF The Soldiers' Charity. The auction, on eBay, will raise money for the charity's Ideal Homes for Heroes appeal that supports soldiers, veterans and their families with needs around the home.

The living room scene was used as The Soldiers' Charity's exhibition stand at the Ideal Home Show's three events last year and, now that it has done its job drawing people to our stand to learn about our work, we want the individual pieces to go to a good home.

This is your opportunity to own a rare and exceptional piece of military design, beautifully crafted from the reclaimed ceremonial dress of various regiments of the British Army. If you don’t have a place for something yourself, perhaps you could help us spread the word and encourage as many people as possible to bid before the auction finishes on Sunday 1 April.

The auction can be found online at
There are six individual lots, from a bright red, three-seater sofa to 'bearskin' cushions and a hat clock.

Items for Sale:

About the Ideal Homes for Heroes appeal.

The Ideal Home Show teamed up with ABF The Soldiers' Charity to launch the appeal in 2010. The Ideal Home Show, and visitors to the Show's three annual events, support the appeal through ticket sales, donations and by purchasing appeal merchandise.

The appeal provides funding for much-needed adaptations to the homes of army veterans severely wounded during service. The appeal also addresses problems such as homelessness and helps families who can't afford basics like carpets and furniture.

So far the appeal has raised £250,000. You can find out how this money has been used to help soldiers here  |

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